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Parents Involvement with Children, Nurturing Intellectual Curiosity in Science (PICNICS)

Based on the success of the PICNICS program in the sivagroup and the need to expand the program to other schools that could potentially involve more than couple of students, the program is being expanded with the help of the faculty at the chemistry department, North Dakota State University. With the approval of the the dean of science and mathematics, an advisory committee is being assembled that will select 6 students for a summer program. To apply to this program Click here to download the 2013 application packet or email prof. siva.

The committee consists of a internal committee from the chemistry department/the local high schools and external advisory committee.

Committee members from Fargo high schools

  • Mr. Todd Bertsch (Principal South Fargo High School)
  • Mr. Dale Miller (Davies High School, South Fargo)
  • Mr. Mark Blanshan (Vice-Principal, North Fargo High School)
  • Ms.Carissa Krenz (AP Chemistry instructor, South Fargo High)
  • Ms. Terri Court (Councilor, North Fargo High School)
  • Ms.Laurie McKeever (Career center, Davies High School)

Former school committee members

  • Ms. Carol Beaton (AP Science teacher - Retired, South Fargo High)


External Advisory committee members

  • Prof. V. Ramamurthy (University of Miami, Miami, FL)
  • Prof. Nicholas J. Turro (Columbia University, New York, NY




Participating groups from the Chemistry Department (* advisory committee member)

  • Prof. Sivaguru Jayaraman (Coordinator)*
  • Prof. Kent Rodgers*
  • Prof. John Hershberger*
  • Prof. Mukund Sibi*
  • Prof. DK Srivatsava*
  • Prof. Gregory cook*
  • Prof. Pinjing Zhao.

Right from the beginning of this program external advice from both of them have been invaluable. Prof. Siva thanks both of them for their guidance and support. We look forward to the continued guidance and support of the committee members in making this Summer picnics program a success.













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